BOP, 7-1/16” 5M Shaffer Spherical Bolted Cover

BOP, 7-1/16” 5M Shaffer Spherical, 5M Flange Bottom (R-46) x 5M Studded Top (R-46), 1 ea. w/ Stainless Steel Lined Ring Grooves & 1 ea. with Steel Ring Grooves, H2S Trim

Original Shaffer manufacture (w/ Original Shaffer Manufacturing Tags)
Remanufactured by accredited API 16A Licensed Facility
Furnished c/w New Aftermarket Seal Kit installed
Furnished c/w New Aftermarket Nitrile Packing Element & Seal Kit installed
Furnished c/w Data Book as per below

Data Books to include: API Licensing Certification for Repair Facility, Hardness Survey complying with NACE MR-0175 specifications, Dimensional Inspection Report, Magnetic Particle Inspection Reports, Dye Penetrant Inspection of Ring Grooves, Drift Test, Welding Procedures/Specifications, Stress Relief Certification, Certificates of Conformance for New Rubber Seals and Packing Element, Certificate of Test and Hydrostatic (Well Bore & Shell) and Hydraulic (Open and Close) Test Charts, Operations Manual and Parts List

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